Friday, February 15, 2008

A Mom's Perspective of The Spiderwick Chronicles

This movie was an enchanting movie. The action took off almost immediately from the start and although it was kind of intense in places it was not horribly scary and was very suitable for kids 7 and up. One little girl who was in the audience was so wrapped up in the movie that when her friend got up to go to the bathroom, the little girl didnt really realize her friend had left and when she came back from the bathroom the little girl screamed and then related everything the friend had missed. We were in the middle of the theater and could here everything she said. It was kind of cute actually.

I enjoyed this movie and unlike some critics appreciated the pace that the movie established early in the evening. I raised two boys and realize that the attention span amoung the young is not really conducive to a long drawn out visual masterpieve without the action coming fast and hard. This movie was a wonderful kid story. Kid being the key word!

Single Shot

Spiderwick Chronicles on Whidbey Island.

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