Friday, February 22, 2008

Guitars of Note

Way back here, I posted about Erik Christensen's nice Ronald Ho guitar. Well, Erik isn't alone among our musicians in having an interesting, beautiful instrument.

Tonight Steve Jordan brought in his new baby, a Ryan Grand Cathedral Cutaway, with copious micro-purfling. The guitar has his signature (Steve's) in the first (last?) fret, in beautiful micro-purfling. Steve is still working out the right combination of strings and playing style with this guitar, but it sure is responsive.

Russ Lamb has a nice guitar, too. It's an Ovation 12-string Elite, and it's signed by Johnny Rivers. Johnny doesn't sign a lot of guitars, and Russ is sure proud of his.

You can hear all these guitars either here on our website, or better yet, live at Rockhoppers. We are so lucky to have such amazing musicians with excellent instruments play here on a regular basis. Thanks, guys!

Rockin' guitars on Whidbey Island.

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