Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Rene's Perspective on Sondheim, Alan Rickman, Johnny Depp and sharp instruments

The night began like this. Dan and I are sitting in the living room discussing what movie we would like to see. I mention Atonement... nice reviews, golden globe nominations, and Keira Knightly. Dan says that sounds good and we look at the trailers... looks good.. possibility... Whats more Mary has said that she is up for it too and Randy is a go. But it is only 4:00PM in the afternoon and the movie doesnt start until 7:10PM..HMMM What else is on? Charlie Wilson's War.. OOOH Tom Hanks.. Good reviews again and oh it is a comedy.... Sounds good but it doesnt start till 6:50PM... HMMMM Well lets see what Mary and Randy say when they get here... Mary and Randy arrive at 4:10PM.. What movie do we want to see... Those are kind a late arent they? What else is on? Sweeney Todd? I immediately think yeah right... and I have as much chance of seeing that movie with these guys as a musical on Broadway (although Mary is up for musicals!!) But Randy and mary both said it sounded great to them and I figured "OH Well!" Especially when I was sure to ask "Really?" So the movie is decided and we are on our way. The videos on this blog were taken from the Broadway play and are not the same actors as the movie. However the songs are the same and it gives you an idea of what the plot is like.

So the tickets are bought and the popcorn and goodies and we go to sit down to see Sweeney Todd. The movie begins with this huge overture and I have to admit I am loving it a lot. Dan looks over to me after a few minutes of the opening and asks..."Is this a musical?" I knew I was in trouble! Yes dear... Of course Mary is just laughing histerically on the other side of Dan and confirms that Steven Sondheim is known for his musicals... "Send in the clowns" ring a bell? Dan begins to regret the decision to see Sweeney Todd. I on the other hand... Loved it!

I thought it was one of the cleverest plots for a musical that I had seen in a while and well it was funny. After Johnny Depp and the pie maker had decided to start collaborating and they are in the kitchen looking out the window at the people and appraising them like pieces of meat... well it was funny and I have to say I pretty much laughed most of the way through the movie. Now the gore was a little much for a musical and for dan to complain about it after enjoying Kill Bill so much, or Pulp fiction or Fight Club (all rated some of his favorites)... well lets get real.. bucket for bucket of blood I have to say it rated right up there with Kill Bill.. Especially the fight scene in the Japanese restaurant.So really ....Still if you have a week stomache, better not see this movie..I guarantee you will not want rare beef for a while..

I am not a Sondheim fan. I dont care for his music much and I find the stories he chooses are a little to wierd and if I had to describe this movie it would have to be a cross between Mary Poppins, My Fair Lady and SAW. It was a bit of a hoot!

I thought it is worth a double shot! It was incredibly different and entertaining and I enjoyed the entire night thoroughly. Although I feel Johnny Depp deserves an Oscar for this movie.. I doubt he will get it. His characters are to flamboyant and interesting. Perhaps that is one of the things that is wrong with the Oscars to begin with?

Blood and Guts on Whidbey Island.

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