Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Comic Tuesday

Today's comic is the well-known and loved Calvin and Hobbes. Bill Waterson's wonderful characters are being rerun by GoComics. The strip requires Shockwave Flash to view -- GoComics is using this device to keep the strips from easily being digitally copied.

It's surprising how well the strips hold up, 20 years after they were first introduced. GoComics has every type of web page advertising possible crammed onto the page, and I find that distracting, to say the least. Mainly because of the advertising, I don't visit this site very often. I love the comic, and have read them all, so I don't need to visit them every day.

But once in a while I'll go to the site and read a few weeks worth of Calvin and Hobbes. I think it's good for one's soul.

Calvin and Hobbes visit Whidbey Island.

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