Monday, December 17, 2007

Another movie... another female perspective

This last week has been a pretty stressful week for us.. There has been way to much happening that is beyond our control and well it is getting us hard this time of year. So for the last three days that we have had off we have tried doing things that we can enjoy like the movies, afternoons out to dinner.. etc.. Trying to keep it inexpensive and quiet. Yesterday, we went to see The Golden Compass. Then we went to a small Mexican restaurant in Oak Harbor. We went with Mary and Randy, our best friends and our family... We had a wonderful time together and I actually went to sleep last night without a thought to this shop.

So, to review The Golden Compass... HMMM... First let me say, I loved this movie! I thought the action was wonderful and the concepts it portrayed awesome and well they crammed a lot into this movie! It was fun. The only trouble I had with it was the bears... Does the Coke bear sound familiar to anyone but me? It was distracting to me but not enough to make it not enjoyable and I seem to be the only person who saw the resemblance.

The discussion after the movie was really interesting. Again, Dan and Randy brought up the mixed reviews that they had seen and then they talked about how the movie was really enjoyable and they could not quite see why it got the reviews it did. For me it was easy actually to see the mixed reviews. The subject matter in this movie is to adult for kids younger than 11 or 12 years of age to appreciate and even then they could not appreciate it thoroughly. Yet, the acting is done by CG and children for the most part. Nichole Kidman gave a chilling performance as I had no difficulty believing she was talking to one of her own children. Of course, I love Sam Elliott... SPEAK TO ME SAM!!(He does make my toes curl when he talks! or grins!) Anyway, enough of this distraction.

I could actually understand why the churches were all up in the air! First of all... souls that are demons... actually the way they are spelled is daemons and according to Websters dictionary this spelling means a spirit. It was later changed to mean an evil spirit with the spelling changed to demon. It also meant, fate, God, or unexplained entity... In this movie they chose it to be the soul. When a body died in this movie their soul turned into magical dust and dissipated throughout the universe. I was raised by a scientist.. he taught me a basic physics law that energy cannot be created or destroyed. I never thought this was important or applicable to me until I was discussing what life is to a physician who was a friend of mine. He said that what makes life live can only be defined as a form of energy. You may keep a man alive with a machine but he is not ALIVE. As soon as the machine dies he does too. The light inside of us is unexplainable but I believe it is pure energy. When we die the energy that is us dissipates throughout all of us and the universe. We are all a part of each other. This is my belief and it is the first time I have actually vocalized it. I also believe that Jesus was the son of God but I believe we all are! Not by the death of Jesus but because God created all of us. We are his children. Jesus was exceptional because of his teachings.. but so was Buddha, Mohammad, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, etc. etc. The list is long and definitely vital to our living life purposefully and as a good person. This idea does pose some problems because it includes Hitler, Mussolini, and others that were known for the hatred and death they caused.. but I believe you cannot have good without bad. They need to be counterbalanced. Otherwise you would not know true happiness if you had no true despair. Well maybe you would but it would not be quite as sweet..

So.. if you are willing to go see this movie after i have opened up the gates to some really hard discussions.. Please do.. but don't take young children. The fight scenes are troubling and in one scene, bears fight and a jaw is removed forcibly. It is somewhat disturbing even for adults.

I give this movie a single shot. and I look forward to it's sequel. Oh incidently, you can pick out your own daemon on the Golden Compass website. Mine was a marmoset.

Single Shot

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