Friday, November 16, 2007

Who needs Ollivanders?

Remember the first place Hagrid took young Harry Potter? Ollivanders wand shop, of course. That wand turns out to be Harry's most important possession. Have you ever wanted a wand of your own?

Let's make one! Dad Can Do, a great resource for Dads (and Moms), has the instructions. Basically you roll up a small, conical paper tube, then decorate it. The results are amazing: Click on the photo to go to Dad Can Do, and get the full instructions.

Pretty neat, huh? Well, yes, but not really magical. How about making a wand that not only looks neat, but is truly magical? Up for that? I thought so.

Dad Can Do also has further instructions, embedding an ultra-violet illuminator into the tip of your wand. Then you can make and read secret messages using special ultraviolet ink. Now we're getting somewhere. Again, click on the photo to get the instructions.

I'll keep you posted on efforts to incorporate dissapparation into the wands, OK?

We sell magic on Whidbey Island.

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