Monday, November 5, 2007

It's Thursday wait... its Monday... Its about 9:30PM wait... its only 8:30? Time for bed.. till next fall!

So it is November.... I am sorry but I cannot believe that it is the Holiday season already!! Little disturbing to be a business today. The news talked about how awful the shopping season was expected to be this year and said that merchants are extending the Christmas shopping season now to the day after Halloween. Sure enough, I went to Linds here on the island and they have all their Christmas stuff up!

As for Dan and I... we wait till December for Christmas gifts. There is just to much happening in a day for us to worry about shopping for Christmas. We simply look forward to time with Mary and Randy and their family at Thanksgiving and then our time together over the holidays. The "falderall" of the whole gift thing has been so totally overblown that it often takes away the sweetness of the holiday.

Dan and I have had a really busy week in the shop this week. It is actually our Thursday today. The shop is closed on Wednesday and Thursday and well it has just screws my mind up when Sat and Sun are the normal days for people to have off. You should try it sometime. Anyway, I need to go but will catch up more tomorrow.

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