Monday, October 8, 2007

Rockhoppers Blogs of Note

So I have been doing some exploring lately when I have a minute or two and have noticed some really fun sites. I kind of thought I would share these with you. See what you think. As with our blog, they cover a variety of subjects.

Historelli's Social Club, and History is a Weapon, and finally Dr. History. These are blogs that deal with history and are fun to explore.

Indie Craft Documentary, Illustration Art, and Judy Perez's Blog, 2007 Bead Journal Project, The Art makerS Imagination Unlimited, and we can't forget this one These blogs all deal in art in one way or another.

Hobo Teacher Web Blog. This blog is great for giving a real look at what a teacher's world is really like. Plus this guy has an incredibly good sense of humor and actually loves his work!

Just surfing the computer here on Whidbey Island

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