Friday, September 28, 2007

Superbad Movie

On my recent trip, I found some time to go see a "guy" movie. Rene refused to go see this one, she claims to be tired of high school movies. So, I went alone to the theater in Roseburg, Oregon. I've done this before when traveling, in fact I went to see "Boogie Nights" at this theater when I was there in 1997. (Great movie, BTW )

So, I went to see "Superbad", definitely a teen comedy. I really enjoyed the movie, but was a little surprised by some of the subtext. The main characters are dealing with some odd issues. I can't really go into it without spoiling the movie, but....

The movie has a lot of foul language, and risqué, rude humor, but there isn't any nudity or extreme violence. It's an adult comedy, perfect for it's audience.

I'm posting a text review, and a video review. I really liked the video review, and it shows the best parts of the trailer, so I'm posting it rather than the trailer.

Anyway it's a great teen comedy, a guy movie, and if you're into crude humor, then this movie is for you.

Single Shot

Whidbey Island is superbad.

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