Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's my day off and guess where I am?

So it is Wednesday and this day is supposed to be my day off and guess where I am. In the shop!! Actually this is one of the reasons we needed two days off in a row.. so we could get some much needed chores done and I needed to get some marketing done. I also wanted to post a picture of my new piece.

So without further ado... here is a picture of my new piece.

This piece was a commissioned piece for Kit Ketchum of Miss Kitty's Saloon and Roadshow fame. It posed a real challenge to do but in the end the effort was truly worth it. I truly love this piece and fortunately so does she!

Now if you stopped by or intended to on Saturday evening to listen to the young man from Minnesota play I was sorry to tell you that he did not make it to the shop that evening. He contracted an awful flu bug. However he did reschedule and he will be here on Saturday the 22nd. I hope you will all try and make it to his show. This young man is willing to work for his art and he has a great voice to boot. Chance is on My Space and is looking to going professional with his music.

Art is on Whidbey Island in all forms.

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ms. kitty said...

It is truly gorgeous, Rene, and I can hardly wait to get it home. I'll be down today for the South End Koffee Klatch and we can figure out when we can get it here.

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