Monday, September 10, 2007

A female perspective on the Hapless Mr. Bean

First off let me say that I have grown to love Mr. Bean. We own his complete DVD set and I laugh my head off when I watch them. Given that let me state that the only movie I have yet to enjoy with Mr. Bean in them have not been movies of Mr. bean. In other words it was Rowan Atkinson. I loved him in Love Actually, Rat Race and Four Weddings and a Funeral. His characters were hilarious and he made a terrific part of an ensemble cast. I have not enjoyed a single Mr. bean movie however. After watching them I found myself wondering who the joke was on and deciding it was on the audience for forking over $7.50 each to see these poorly written boring movies.

Guess what? the review does not change with this movie. While the movie was not a terrible waste of time it was terrible enough that I cant give it a good review. How is that? It had a decent plot if it could have developed a little. It had some great actors and actresses that I would have loved to have seen more as an ensemble cast, and it had several jokes that just went nowhere. It was not worth spending the money and my recommendation is rent the series and watch it. You will enjoy yourself much more.

Mr. Bean your movie earned a "drip" rating along with that much enthusiasm from this critic. The night was an enjoyable night however since I was out with hubby and we did enjoy ourselves. If you want to watch this movie take someone you love. That way at least you can flirt your way through the movie.

Mr. Bean on Whidbey Island.

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