Sunday, September 23, 2007

Better Access to Whidbey is Coming

The ferry system and regional transportation authorities are expanding the options for getting to the Mukilteo-Clinton ferry. There is a new train station, bus terminal, and eventually a new ferry terminal.

Those of us on the island are of mixed minds regarding this expansion of access. On the one hand, it's good for commerce, we at Rockhoppers are certainly excited about increasing foot traffic. Having several trains stopping at the Mukilteo terminal every day will make it easy for us to visit Seattle, too.

On the other hand, better access means more people, and more traffic. The rural environment is what makes the island special, and if it gets too crowded, we might lose that charm.

In any case, change is coming, and it's best to be able to grow with the changes. If you try to resist, you just might get bowled over.

Come to Whidbey Island in new ways.

1 comment:

ms. kitty said...

Wouldn't ya think they could spell Mukilteo right in the headline, though?

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