Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Video Smorgasbord

It's been a while since I posted any videos. It takes quite a while to get a video ready for posting. I've got to find a couple good clips from the several hours of video I capture when our musicians play, then edit those, clean up the audio, size the video, clean up the video as much as possible, then convert the clip to a compact format (usually WMV). After that I have to upload the video to Google, add the details, then I can finally get the embedding HTML code and post here on the blog. It's a pain, but I love to share the wide variety and really fun music we get here at Rockhoppers Coffeehouse.

This first video is of MSM. MSM is LOUD! They've come to rock us a few times, and we always enjoy their unique mix of jazz fusion.

Here's another clip of MSM.

The Bards of the Koad are always welcome at Rockhoppers. You might notice that Michael from MSM is also in the Bards. He's a very talented musician. This clip is just Michael and Paula. It features Paula's amazing vocals.

Another clip from The Bards of the Koad.

Shawn Morris is a very talented local musician. He's one of our favorite young performers. His vocal style is quite sophisticated.

More Shawn Morris.

That's all the videos for now. Enjoy, and I'll post more later. I've got lots of Alyssa Ingersoll clips, and stay tuned for exciting news about her music.

Videos of local musicians from Whidbey Island.

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