Thursday, July 19, 2007

Guest Movie Review

This review comes from our good friend Mary, who can be found at Rockhoppers every Saturday, helping us and enjoying the music.

The Movie of the summer! Can't wait! Here IT is!...

I really enjoyed the movie, however, after it was over I felt that something was missing. I couldn't tell you what for sure. Maybe it's the Quidditch, not a single game or even mention throughout the entire movie, and we all know Harry and Ron live for Quidditch! On further contemplation, everything you needed to know was there.

Delores Umbridge was great. (supremely evil and controlling!) Luna Lovegood was great. ( I loved her absent stare, "must be nargles", her steadfast support of Harry, her patronus). You get to see Neville starting to show what he's made of. ( I'm sorry, Neville first showed us what he's made of in a much earlier movie) I missed Ron and Hermione's reaction to riding on a creature they couldn't see. I missed them looking for the correct door in the Department of Mysteries. Would any of these things have made a good movie great? I doubt it.

The acting was great. Daniel, Emma and Rupert continue to give excellent performances. And now... we wait for the next movie....

I'd call this somewhere between "a shot in the dark" and "a single shot". (Is there such a thing as a double shot in the dark??)

In any case, go see this movie. It's worth the admission price to see it on the big screen. Don't wait for the video!!

See Harry Potter on Whidbey Island, at the Clyde Theatre.

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