Thursday, June 14, 2007

It's Thursday at Rockhoppers

So here is another Thursday. Not a lot going on here, except I certainly have been busy. First there was making the flier for the Progressive Associations meeting next week, then doing the invites for the Clinton Chamber for their "meet and greet" event in the park next week, then an interview with a local paper reporter and I was interviewed for the Progressive Association as well today.

We are planning our dinner theater troupe and will have our first meeting next week for that. It starts at 5:00PM on Thursdays. Come see what we are up to or join in the fun. L will be directing us and showing us the best of improv and we will be creating an acting community that will be welcoming and fun for all it's members. It is our plan to do dinner theater at rockhoppers and then move it out to other venues including nursing homes, retirement homes, the community hall for a dinner theater and other venues as we can.

I am also finally getting my altered books going. We will start that tomorrow as well and hopefully that will grow till we have a regular group of people meeting who just want to experiment and have fun.

i was interviewed on Whidbey Island

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