Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Here is to Mysteries

I am sorry that the videos have not been posted for this last weekend. My better half has been sick with an upper respiratory thing and well he hasn't been on the computer. The videos will be posted as soon as he is back on his feet. In the meantime I have some fun for you.

Those of you who have been in the shop know how much I love mysteries. My favorite is Jeffrey Deaver but then there are a whole slew of other mystery writers I enjoy as well. I also love mystery movies... My favorite movie of all time is Gosford Park. So if you are a sicko like me then you should really get a kick out of this link. This is something my son sent me. Gave me the creeps because it refers to Boise (where my mother lives) and St. Alphonsus (where my mother works). Anyway, here is to a mystery. I have to admit that I think this particular writer is one of the most creative writers I have read in a while...

I love Whidbey Island

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