Friday, May 18, 2007

Jazz & Poets Night

Wow. We keep attracting great artists: visual, spoken word, and music.

This Wednesday we had a real treat. Don Wodjenski and Bob Wagner played jazz on Sax & Piano. They love to play, and it shows.

Our tireless promoter, Dennis, brought renowned poets Paul Harding and Eddie Reed up from Seattle, and also our own Chris Highland.

Amazing poetry, fantastic music. I got a lot of it on video, so I'll cut right to the fun part. The big black boxes are embedded videos. Click and Enjoy, and please, please, come and see our artists in person whenever you can. Thank you.

Don & Bob

Eddie Reed

Paul Harding 'Between the Mangroves' 'Hard to Watch' "Mountain Dreams"

Chris Highland 'Suicide'

'Mi Vida'

Spoken Word on Whidbey Island

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