Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Upcoming events at Rockhoppers

Well, we have had another semi-busy week at Rockhoppers. I have been doing a variety of things in the marketting department and sometime today I need to get my taxes done. We have had several customers come in to see the art this week and we have had some fair days. On top of that we have been dealing with Clinton Days. Clinton Days is the annual event that is sponsored by the Clinton Chamber and is held in Clinton in honor of Clinton's history and community. We are attempting to turn Clinton into a destination not just a drive-thru. So the Clinton Days events are going to occur over Memorial Day weekend. We are going to have live music in several venues, all different kinds of food, a dance Saturday evening, speakers, belly dancing, childrens carnival, pet show and parade, and the SCA is doing a demonstration or two (hopefully) on Monday. We have a memorial day presentation, a history hunt, and a live Life game that we will be playing as well as a "Scrabble" game contest and a variety of other things as well. Getting all of this in place is taking time and effort but it is slowly falling into place so now we are all just getting ready to go into the panic mode.. one month left!!!

So with all that in mind I thought I needed to slow down a little in the prep and let you know what is coming to Rockhoppers. First of all, this last Friday we had an incredible Open Mic as you can see from the blog... If you enjoy music or performing come to Rockhoppers and check it out.

Saturday, Rockhoppers is pleased to welcome a wonderful local musician. Troy Chapman is part of the Gypsy jazz group Billet-deux. He has invited some of his friends to come over to Rockhoppers to play some music and jam for a while. The setting is very informal and fun and we are really happy that we could talk Troy into coming back. The music starts at 7:00PM and has no time limit! Come early and grab a seat for that night since Troy and his friends tend to fill the house.

Troy majored in jazz guitar performance at Concordia University in Montreal and at American Concervatory of Music in Chicago. He spent 20 years in the Chicago Music Scene playing with numerous ensembles including Lee Toland Orchestra, the Neophonic Orchestra and Something Orange. He is now a member of the Gypsy Jazz group Billet-Deux.

Starting next week we are trying a few new things as well.. Wednesday evenings Rockhoppers will be hosting a Captain Whimsy Comedy Hour beginning at 7:00PM. We have invited a couple of comedians from Seattle to join us and are looking for local comedians or wannabe comedians to come join in the fun. The comedy hour will begin at 7:00PM.

Starting next week we will also be working with the Parks and Rec department to create an acting troupe here at Rockhoppers and we will be doing an altered book group as well. Check out the parks brochure for the specifics. I will also blog more on these next week.

Well it is turning out to be a quiet day at Rockhoppers (usual for a Wednesday) and it looks like Dan and I will be going to see a movie tonight so we will close down early (about 6:00PM) or so. Look for a review on it tomorrow or Friday. See ya soon.

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