Monday, April 2, 2007

Movie Review "Wild Hogs"

Well, Dan and I have been talking and we decided that we would (along with everything else) start doing movie reviews. Now, keep in mind that the shop is open Monday thru Saturday and the only time we have left for anything at all is Sundays..That really doesn't leave a whole lot open for movies but we do enjoy them and we figured we would start out with the movie we just saw on Sunday. Wild Hogs. First off, understand we both enjoyed there's something about Mary. That should tell you a lot. If you are serious cinema buffs then DO NOT go see this movie. It has some childish humor in it (especially in the very beginning) but on the whole the movie set out to make us laugh and it succeeded in that goal. This movie has some extremely stupid comedy but on the whole it had comedy that I understood since I seem to have a middle age "hog" enthusiast on my hands. The movie involves 4 middle aged men who have been riding motorcycles together since college. All 4 of these men are going through their middle age and regretting the way things could have been or could be. Granted that at the beginning of the movie when they are all chucking away their cell phones you find yourself thinking you know they will need them... (they actually do end up needing them but it is so down played that the joke about them tossing them is just not there.)In this day where humor is so infantile it was fun just to see some simple slapstick comedy that is just plain fun that doesn't involve farting or pooping.. Of course this movie had some of that too.. stopping every 100 miles or so so the guys could line up and pee along side the road. You know the funny part of that was not that they did it but that with middle age comes a need to go more often and that if they had been on the road trip twenty years earlier they would have gone all day without needing to stop! We who are middle aged appreciate the humor there. The idea that these men were responsible adults going on an adventure with Harley's sets itself up with a lot of humor on its own and I came away from the movie laughing so hard at times that I truly feared I might be kicked out of the theater. Dan and I came away with a movie review system that we thought would fit our movie reviews (especially since they come from a coffeehouse). "Why Bother?"(decaf,skim milk,8oz.not to hot) "drip coffee" "shot in the dark" (shot of espresso in 8 oz. drip coffee) "single shot" "double shot" This movie rated a "single shot" for me. Even though it was a "guy's" movie there was definitely enough laughs that an hour after the movie was over it was still tickling my funny bone. I do reiterate that this movie is not for people who take life seriously or movies for that matter. And it will not go down in the history books as a tremendous comedy however, it is funny and I thought it was worth the $7.00 to go see.

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