Friday, April 27, 2007

It's an interesting life we lead when first we start to stray away from home....

So this week has not necessarily been the busiest week ever. As a matter of fact it doesnt even come close! Some weeks are like that and we are gearing up for spring and summer to start! But on some slow weeks good things still happen. For one I get to rest a little.. I took a 4 hour nap yesterday! I never take a nap! EVER! But I guess this one day I needed it! I got to see a couple of movies, and well I got caught up on some stuff here in the shop. I also got to start working on my new signs. This is a major thing! Look for them to come up in front of the shop next week.

We are getting the lessons for the acting troupe classes going and the week after next we will be ready. We actually are ready for next week but the Parks dept hasnt gotten the schedules out yet.

It is my last night to run Bingo tonight and before i go do that i need to work on my signs some. Will talk to ya tomorrow but for today.. Stay Well

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