Thursday, April 26, 2007

Data Visualization

I found a great Data Visualization reference link. A big part of my job is parsing process data into manageable chunks. What I found is called "A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods". It organizes many different ways of seeing data into a periodic table format.

I found a visualization type on the table that I suspect I'll be using quite a lot: Smim Lane Diagrams. I know, I know. My inner Geek is showing. Sorry.

Here's my review of "Pan's Labyrinth"; What a great visual feast. The movie is so imaginative and surreal. The human characters are slightly stereotypical, but the fantastic characters are so very unique and vital. One's never quite sure of the intent of the fantasy characters -- I kept waiting for very bad things to happen. Very bad things do happen, in fact, and it was difficult not to look away. Rene said that I had a list of things I would change, and she's right. For a mainstream American audience the movie was too ambiguous, particularly the ending. Whatever it's failings, the movie is a must see. You should see it on the big screen, if possible. Double shot.

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