Thursday, March 29, 2007

Saturday with Will

I did not get a chance to put my entertainment in the paper for this Saturday. This is not good considering I have problems getting people here when I dont post in the paper. I will put up flyers at the Post Office and grocery store and then let my e-mail list know but that is about all the publicity I will be able to handle this week. Rockhoppers welcomes Will Jobsen this Saturday 7:00PM. Will has been playing guitar music for over 26 years and offers a varied venue. Will plays classical, jazz, rock, and enjoys instrumentals as well. He is a fan of the Moody Blues and of masters of folk, and country music as well. Will plays on five guitars depending on the style of music and he offers a wonderful evening of eclectic listening. You can catch a short video of Will (on this blog)when he performed here at Rockhoppers in January. But our videos really dont do anyone justice so come check him and his music out on Saturday. Well, I almost am done with April's Calendar and I will post it tomorrow. I have also been working on the flyer for the ferries and I will enclose the picture here for you. However, if you ride the ferries be sure to pick up a brochure all of your own.

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