Saturday, February 10, 2007

What a night we had last Night!

Dan had the shop last night. I have been working over at the Clinton Community Hall on Friday evenings as the Bingo Manager. It has been fun but it is time for me to be back at my shop! Especially since Dan had such a great open mic last night! What fun! He had a friend of mine who came and sang a few songs (and he said she has a wonderful voice), her daughter read a play she had written, another man (ClemFloyd) will be entertaining here in a couple of weeks but he brought his granddaughter who danced and he played his guitar and sang and well... it was what we had hoped open mics would be. Unfortunately I don't have any videos of the performances. Dan said he was a little to busy to take the pics. Tonight we will take videos of our performers! I will post them tomorrow. We got a light on the front of our building finally and we added another spot light to the sign however that light on the sign is just not as bright as I would like it so Dan said he would add a couple more. They are solar powered and not real bright. Today we took down the two fans that were in the shop when I purchased it and replaced them with fans we purchased. The original fans belonged to the previous owners of Rockhoppers and they wanted them back when they finished building their house. The house is done and now the fans are gone! We are going to add two more fans as well and this will really light up the inside of the shop and get air going in the summer. I will enclose pics of the fans as well as the musicians on my next blog. This is February's calendar. I posted it again since the entries are starting to go into past posts. I wanted everyone to be able to access the calendar easily. Keep in mind there is one correction and that is the Bards of the Koad will be playing March 17 not February 17. Instead we will try and do a drama recruitment group. We will see how it goes. For open mic I would love to have a group that would be interested in readers theater or simple plays for dinner theater. Well, I just wanted to let you know what was happening here at Rockhoppers. I need to get ready for the music which starts at 7:00PM and which should be awesome. If you can come on over to Rockhoppers in Clinton and enjoy the music with friends.

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