Friday, February 9, 2007

It's a Friday

Well, it has been one weird week. We have either been really busy all day long or we have gone all day and only had one, maybe two customers. Strange.... Anyway, it has been a really good week and there has been a lot happening at the shop. We have a knitting group now that is meeting every Wednesday night at 5:00PM. They are up to 6 knitters.. We have a couple of groups of friends who are coming in and playing cards... One group on Monday and the other came on Thursday.. and well my groups haven't done anything yet but I have hope. I will be concentrating on building my altered book group on Saturdays at 1:00PM. Tomorrow I will be working on it exclusively! So if you take the time to read the blog and are interested come check out our altered book group tomorrow. I am also going to be working on assembling a group of actors and wanna be actors from Clinton to create the Clinton Community theater group. This will be coming up soon and we need people who just want to have some fun and act together. We are looking for a small group to do a play every 2 or 3 months at the Community Hall for a dinner theater. This would be done for a benefit for the hall and it should be a lot of fun. All rehearsals will be done here at Rockhoppers. If your interested call or come by or just leave a message and I will let you know more details. I guess that is about it for Rockhoppers. I will be running Bingo over at the Community Hall tonight but Dan will be here for Open Mic. We are hoping to have lights up on the parking lot and we are really hoping that our sign will be a little more lit up from additional solar lighting. Hopefully you wont miss us! Tomorrow is Steve Jordan and Ed Newkirk. I will enclose a video on Sunday for you so you can see what you missed and you will also be able to get samples of next weeks music. Keep us on your radar and come see us tomorrow night for a great night of music and a fun evening out.

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