Thursday, February 1, 2007

I guess I am starting over.... New year, new rock

So I get on this wonderful space to do a blog and discover that the blog I had is no longer functioning. Oh well, it is a grind! Anyway, I am planning on using this for posting for Rockhoppers until I get my website up and going again. Actually, it isn't down right now but I am working on a new one for the shop and for my own art and design studio (ferry folk design). You can find the shop at and my design studio at I promise the sites will be updated by the end of February. The hardest thing for me to do right now is to blog daily and while I started out with the best of intentions last year I did not adhere to them as evidenced by the fact that I have lost all my stories and things because I didn't blog on here since last November. So here is what I will do.. For today I want to show the shop off. So enclosed in this blog I will put pics of the shop. As each day goes along I will post either pics of events at the shop or art that is in the shop or pics that are personal to me and mine that I feel like sharing. It is a blog! right? So here is some pics of the shop and of me that you can enjoy. These are a few pictures of the shop last fall. A few things have since changed. I don't have some of the same artists anymore. I sold the blue lamp that you see on the counter and I don't have the star lounger anymore either. The next time I post I will put in pics of the newer pieces that fill my shop now. Running a coffeehouse is an interesting adventure for me. I love meeting the people who venture in here, hate doing the paperwork and find myself totally distracted at times from doing the art that I would like to do here in the shop. I love the music which we host every Saturday evening and our Open Mics are becoming a special treat with a huge assortment of local talent dropping in to entertain us. I am also trying to turn this place into a meeting place and activity place for families and businesses. We offer a meeting room for businesses and we have special game nights where families are encouraged to come play anything from Chess and Go to Scrabble. In March we will be hosting a Scrabble tournament. I am very interested in getting a mystery club together that would like to read mysteries and discuss them and then perhaps two times a week create a mystery party for family and friends to come participate in. We have an altered book group which currently is slogged down in the land of "not enough time this week" but which I think will take off and fly. I am also on a few community groups. I am on the Clinton Chamber of Commerce, and the Clinton Days committee as well as I am the vice president of the Clinton Progressive Association. These are huge undertakings for someone who is trying to make a go of a business in this community. Still I find that belonging to these groups is essential for me and my business. Only by doing something to improve my community can I expect my community to help me. I want to belong. So I am starting this blog to keep people up to date on what is happening at Rockhoppers as well as with ferry folk designs and Dan and I. We will see how I do with this adventure.

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turbotypo said...

thanks folks I had a great and fun time tonight. I wish we all could hear some fun poetry slam some Friday open mike night. And yes the calender thing worked. See you all soon. Janet

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