Thursday, February 22, 2007

Getting ready to Paint?

I guess I am getting a little spring fever. I am starting to think about painting again. i'm also not sleeping again but well that is a norm lately... I have some really cool ideas for lamps again and I am getting kind of itchy to do my big bench. I plan on cleaning my studio either tomorrow or Sunday and putting some order into it. Then it will be painting time. I extend my invite to anyone who would like to paint to come and join me. You may have to paint in a different part of the shop or a different room but the invite extends to anyone who would like to join me. Call if you want to join me and I should be able to give you an idea of when I will most likely be painting. It looks like I will be doing the wonderful job of Bingo Manager for the hall again tomorrow evening so if you are someone who likes bingo then come join us at 6:30PM. We are still doing the open mic on Friday evening at 7:00PM so if you are musically or entertainingly inclined then come join us and make a wonderful varied evening of live entertainment. I will try to get a tape of open mic so that you can see what we are about.. no guarantees since there will only be one person here to run everything but we will try. I need to go for now but will try to blog more tomorrow. Maybe I will have a story for you....
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