Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Coming to Rockhoppers this Saturday

Folk/Pop Legend Clem Floyd, Live at Rockhoppers, Saturday, February 24, 2007 at 7:00pm. Whidbey resident Clem Floyd is a bona-fide folk/pop legend. Clem was a fixture at the Avant Garde Coffeehouse in Milwaukee, the heart of the city's counter-culture in the 60's. Clem introduced his roommate and musical partner David Crosby (yes, that David Crosby) to the music of the Beatles while living in Chicago. Clem brought home "Meet the Beatles", and David was absolutely floored: "Those are folk-music changes, but it's got rock and roll back beat. You can't do that, but they did! Holy yikes!" Later, Clem would build a 43-foot Trimaran in his Hollywood backyard, and sail off to South America. When he returned to the States, he became an engineer with Union Carbide for 25 years, leaving the music industry behind. Now performing again, Clem is an amazing entertainer and musician. Come to Rockhoppers Saturday night for a wonderful concert experience, and don't forget our regular Friday Open Mic.

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